VOTW: US Men's Eight Wins 2011 U23 World Rowing Championships

This week's video comes to us from Amsterdam, and features the US Under 23 men's eight in what is a thrilling race in rough (but fast) conditions on the Bosbaan. The announcers join the race some distance into the first 1000m, but the heart of the competition comes, as usual, in the final 500m, with the US hanging on despite hard charges and tough challenges from reigning U23 World Champions Germany, Great Britain, and (most notably) the Czech Republic. The video continues through the post-race celebration and medal ceremony. As we've discussed on RR before, this marks yet another instance of an eight coached by Mike Teti winning a World Championship gold medal and setting a new world best time in the process.

Speaking of international rowing, the 2011 World Rowing Championships are just around the corner, and as the racing draws nearer, so it comes time to put on our thinking caps and make some picks and predictions for what promises to be an exciting regatta. In the meantime, check out Bryan's Worlds preview article on the US and Canadian national teams on RowingNews.com.

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