RR and IRN International Coverage: Updates from Eton and St. Catharines

Big Sky over Henley Island, St. Catharines (Photo: B. Kitch)
The RR team is spread across two continents at the moment, from Eton for the Junior World Championships, to St. Catharines for the Independent Rowing News' website and upcoming print issue coverage of the 129th Royal Canadian Henley. The weather looks to be clearing up at Eton Dorney, while the humidity and headwind have combined to make for slow conditions in Canada. First, let's take a look at what's going on in Eton:

The US JM8+ has advanced to the final after taking second in their heat, and the JW8+ is to compete in a three-boat field in the final, having come last in the race for lanes. The men's pair had a strong performance earlier, winning its rep (top three to semis), and the JW2- just made the semis as well, taking the fourth and final qualifying position in the rep on the women's side. So far, the top US crew looks to be the JW4-, which features standout 14-year-old Mia Croonquist of Vashon Rowing Club, and which won its heat and advanced straight to the final earlier this week. More to come from Dorney Lake as the World Junior Rowing Championships progress to the finals this weekend.

In Canada, over 2300 athletes have been battling each other and some very difficult conditions (consistent 10-15 mph headwind) through the first three days of racing, and there have been several very close races already in the pursuit of Henley Gold. For coverage of Thursday's events at Canadian Henley (which featured a 0.06 second victory for the NYAC in the LM4-), check out Bryan's article and photos on the official website of Rowing News.

The Independent Rowing News website will have updates following each day of the racing in St. Catharines, so check back for more content through the weekend. Also, follow the Rowing News Twitter feed for continuous updates (www.twitter.com/rowingnews).


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