VOTW: Referral to Rowing News' Online Coverage of the 2011 World Championships

Morning light over Lake Bled (Photo: B. Kitch)
The 2011 World Rowing Championships are in full swing, and Bryan is on the scene covering the regatta for Rowing News. The coverage will be updated each day, and Day One and Day Two have already been posted, including links to 14 video interviews (and counting) that will serve as this week's continuously updated batch of VOTWs. So far, Bryan has spoken with...

Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Olympic Champion and stroke of the GB M2-
Olivier Siegelaar, Beijing Olympian and seven seat of The Netherlands' M8
Phelan Hill, 2010 World silver medalist and coxswain of the GB M8
Drew Ginn, Sam Loch, Joshua Dunkley-Smith, and Nicholas Purnell of the Australian M4-
Andrew Campbell, 2011 U23 World bronze medalist and US LM1x
Will Daly, Beijing Olympian and three seat of the US LM4-
Marcus Bateman and Matt Wells ('Red Express'), 2010 World silver medalists and GB M2x
Duncan Grant, three-time World Champion and New Zealand LM1x
Ursula Grobler, holder of the indoor rowing world record and US LW1x
Hester Goodsell and Sophie Hosking, 2011 Munich World Cup winners and GB LW2x
Tom Aggar, ASM1x world best time holder and 2010 World Champion of Team GB
Ron Harvey, three-time World medalist and five time US National Team member of the USA ASM1x
Darcy Marquardt, two-time Olympian and seven seat of the Canadian W8
Hillary Saeger, Nicole Dinion, Lindsay Hochman, and Katherine Robinson of the US LW4x

With many more to come as the regatta continues!

Check out the coverage on RowingNews.com for daily updates. Also, let us know what you think of the coverage via the contact page, and follow @RowingNews and @rowingrelated on Twitter for further notes on the racing and our coverage throughout the week.


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