Video Of The Week: 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,' with Boston University Men's Rowing

Training indoors with BU Men's Rowing (Screen capture)

This week's video comes to us from the Northeast, and we think you just might be able to relate—when winter training begins in earnest, "the only easy day was yesterday."

Not only does this video offer some inspiration for the work you're likely putting in behind the scenes for spring racing season, but also it gives us an inside look at the B.U. men's program and facilities (and does so to a tune that you can add to your workout mix). Tom Bohrer's Terriers had another strong fall season in 2014, and will be looking to build on that success against local and regional rivals when the Charles River thaws.

And, in case that's not enough to get you off the couch, British Olympian Pete Reed has got another challenge for you. Having completed the #PUC2014 Challenge (push-ups—or 'press-ups'—for each day of the year in 2014, starting with one on January 1, two on January 2, etc., and building to 365 on December 31), Reed has opened the door for a wider range of movement in 2015, suggesting squats (adding one rep per day, as with the #PUC2014 Challenge), planks (adding one second per day), or walking/jogging/running (adding one minute per day—this Reed suggests could be substituted or added to either of the above during the summer, for a few hours of hiking).

You can read more about Reed's #Challenge2015 on his website, and follow along with his progress via Twitter.

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