Flashback Friday: Jamie Koven is Really Good at Sculling

With the 2015 World Rowing Championships set to take place in Aiguebelette, France, we thought it only proper to take a look back at the last world championship regatta held there, when Jamie Koven took the title in the men's single in an all star-laden field. How did he pull it off? Take a look at the silky smooth technique he employed and you'll get a sense for why his bow crept out in front.

There are so many reasons to like this video: Double Olympic champion (1992, 1996) André Willms' sunglasses; six-time Olympian Václav Chalupa's mustache and extra-large white tee underneath his uniform; Greg Searle uncorking yet another strong sprint to nearly take silver from Willms; Aly Ibrahim's (Egypt's most successful rowing athlete, competing at four Olympics) first 500m—a year earlier, Ibrahim had finished less than three seconds back of Rob Waddell in Atlanta, for eighth overall at the Olympic Games; and, of course, four-time Olympic medalist Iztok Čop of Slovenia competing in yet another grand final. Add to all this the French commentary and the fact that it was originally a VHS tape, and it's perfect #FBF material—not to mention a great resource for scullers out there looking to improve their approach on the water.

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