Video Of The Week: 'HARMONIE,' by Scott Del Vecchio

Harmonie, a new short rowing documentary from Scott Del Vecchio
This week's featured video comes to us from Jacksonville alum and filmmaker Scott Del Vecchio, who has put together a beautiful short documentary on a rowing teammate (Antoine Lagouge) in France, where Del Vecchio is pursuing masters-level studies in training and physiology. The film touches on the discipline of rowing, as well as its healing qualities—the sport serves as both a taskmaster and as a much needed release, and the same sense of team and helping those around you transfers directly for Lagouge to his work as a physiotherapist. (Don't worry, if your French isn't that good, Del Vecchio has provided subtitles.) And, it's nicely timed—our French rowing brothers and sisters have been very much on our minds lately.

Thanks very much to Scott for sending us the video! Have a submission for 'Video Of The Week?' Shoot us an email at rowingrelated [at] gmail [dot] com, send us your suggestions via Twitter, or get in touch via our Facebook or Google+ pages.


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