Video: Pete Reed's 'Ready to Die' British Rowing Training Camp Teaser

There's certainly no doubt that the British Rowing squad, currently in the midst of an altitude training camp in the Sierra Nevada (Spain), is ready to go the extra mile. But, if we're to take Pete Reed's latest (banter-laden) film trailer (too) seriously, perhaps they're ready to go even further than that. Things to note: Reedlapse Films intro; Reed still on the 2014 push-up (or press-up) challenge, even in the snow; some, er, interesting barbell technique; further banter in the credits. If this is the teaser, we're certainly looking forward to the real thing, and if it's anything like Reed's other work, it will provide an excellent window into the team's training and overall experience of camp as the GB squad prepares for the 2015 campaign.

And, evidently, the Sierra Nevada is aptly named.

We've also gained some insight into Jürgen Gröbler's training programme.

Needless to say, things are starting to get a little weird up there.

Stay warm (and sane) up there, y'all!


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