Video(s) Of The Week: The First 120 Crews at the Head of the River Fours

This week's pair of featured videos comes to us from Hammersmith Bridge, London, where Dickie Bannenberg was kind enough to camp out for the Head of the River Fours over the weekend. The videos show the first 120 crews between them—a field that included a number of Olympians, national team members (from various countries), and sterling results on the Tideway. The talk of the town following the race was the performance of the Oxford and Cambridge crews competing—the Light Blue and Dark Blue men and women all turned in strong races over the Boat Race course (albeit in reverse), setting the stage for the biggest and best Boat Race of them all this spring, with the women's programs competing over the same distance and historic stretch of the Thames as the men for the first time.

So far, it looks like the Dark Blues are well positioned to repeat their dominant performances last year, with the top crew from OUBC (stroked by 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and 2014 world champion Constantine Louloudis, and including Harvard alums Mike DiSanto and Sam O'Connor in the bow pair) taking the pennant in the Elite M4+ (and ninth overall), and the OUWBC Elite W4+ crew (including U.S. double Olympic champion Caryn Davies) that also won their event:

For more on the Head of the River Fours, check out the News and Blogs section on RR (right-hand side), and stay tuned for more reaction, analysis, and creative interpretation based on all the race results in the coming days.

Also coming up soon on RR: An interview with Cal men's coach and double Olympian Scott Frandsen about his recent race experience at IronMan Kona, as well as his background and training for elite level triathlons.

For complete results from the Head of the River Fours, please see the official website of the event.

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