Updates from Henley: Virginia, Harvard, Molesey Impress on Second Day of Racing

Henley Royal Regatta is in full swing, with two days of great racing already in the books, and the field already greatly reduced, or at least transformed from lycra-clad rowers to bespoke blazer-donning spectators in the regatta enclosures. As with any Henley, there have been a number of surprises in the early going, not least of which has been the University of Virginia's progress through the first two rounds, recording 'Easily' verdicts in both cases on the way to their matchup with the Harvard frosh tomorrow—it should be an interesting race to watch! Molesey Boat Club has also been a force thus far in the regatta, with crews in the Visitors, Thames, and Brit Cup all moving on to Friday.

Follow along with all the action live via Regatta Radio and the official website of Henley Royal Regatta (live results feed or Twitter stream). Also, check out a huge collection of HRR images, thanks to Rowing Photography UK's Iain Weir.

In the midst of all this Henley madness, we'll announce the winners of our Flat Water Tuesday Photo Contest tomorrow Sunday—thanks very much to all who entered [and apologies for the delay]!


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