Tuesday Edition Video(s) Of The Week: Martin Cross Interviews from Lucerne

This week's videos come to us from the Rotsee thanks to the hard work of two-time GB Olympic medalist Martin Cross, who was in the middle of the action as crews came off the water in Lucerne. The first of these interviews is with 2012 bronze medalist Henrik Rummel, following the win for the U.S. men's four—a lineup that also included Syracuse alum Mike Gennaro, former UC Davis Aggie Seth Weil, and 2012 Olympian in the men's eight, Grant James. While the crew enjoyed the win, clearly, they're keeping it all in perspective.

Not to be outdone, the U.S. men's and women's eights also took home gold medals in what ended up being a veritable coming out party for the U.S. national team. While the men's eight took down the defending Olympic champions, Germany, en route to victory, the women walked away from the field to a new world best time (5:54.16) with a lineup that only included one of the athletes (Caroline Lind) as a year ago at Eton Dorney. Evidently, they're still fast. Amanda Polk explains.

Dominance like we've seen from the Kiwi pair over the past five years is something that should not be taken for granted—the athletes, Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, for their part, are not taking anything lightly. Particularly interesting are Murray's comments on the approach to racing.

And last, but certainly not least, Martin Cross himself (rocking the stylish, broad-brimmed hat no less) breaks down the highlights from the regatta on the Rotsee, which included world best times, a reshuffling of the international order from last year, and very strong performances from the Kiwi, Spanish, GB, German, and U.S. squads. He also picks his race of the day.

More to come this week on Team USA, as we take a look back at the transition that USRowing made in November last year—we asked some key questions, and the results from Lucerne have already provided hints at answers in this young quadrennium.


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