British Banter: Pete Reed's Epic Silvretta Trailer

Following Lucerne, the GB squad is hard at work at high altitude, making their final preparations for the world championships in Silvretta. While it's more work than play, there's never a wrong time for a bit of banter, and double Olympic champion Pete Reed is kicking off the new quadrennium right with an 'epic' trailer for an upcoming feature on training in the Alps. With reviews like, "This is actually pretty good," and a soundtrack straight out of a Steven Spielberg film, let's just say this trailer has us on pins and needles for the real thing.

U23s are in the books, and, looking at the results alongside the World Rowing Cup series, there appear to be two international rowing powers on the rise in 2013: New Zealand and the United States. Both squads have shown tremendous top-end speed, as well as depth, over the summer thus far, and the future is looking bright with a view toward Rio. As the official site of Rowing New Zealand pointed out following the event in Austria, all seven Kiwi crews raced in A Finals, five of them bringing home medals from Linz. Prior to the U23 men's eight final, Eric Murray and Hamish Bond backed the Kiwi crew via Twitter:

Evidently, they were onto something...

Since then, the Kiwi pair have suggested that the U23 men's eight make the trip to Chungju—it would be very intriguing to see how the young crew might mix it up at the senior level, with three years to develop before the main event. There are just over three weeks to go before the World Rowing Championships—will the Brits remain atop the rowing world for another season? Or is there a Boston Tea Party brewing in the colonies once again?

(Okay, reaching a bit there I know, but you have to admit, it sounds a bit punchier than 'Constitution Act 1986,' and after all, it, too, took place aboard ship.)


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