Dawgs Take down Polish National Crew En Route to Grand Challenge Final

The Washington Huskies stepped up to the plate in a major way at this year's Henley Royal Regatta, picking up where Brown left off last year in the Grand Challenge Cup. (The above video provides a little background on the Husky boat at Henley.) While this year's field may be smaller than the last time round, the Huskies faced no small task on Saturday—between Washington and the final stood the Polish men's eight that had raced the Olympics in London (the same athletes, albeit in a slightly different arrangement), and which just took silver at the second World Rowing Cup at Eton Dorney. Despite the considerable pedigree of the Poles, Washington led from start to finish, edging out to an open water lead in the later stages of the race, and perhaps giving the GB crew (Leander Club & Molesey B.C.) something to think about for tomorrow's Grand Challenge Final.

Also, we'd be remiss not to mention that the Northeastern men will be facing another GB crew in the final of the Ladies' Plate—this particular GB eight raced at Eton Dorney as GB2, and placed fourth. Based on the racing so far, it seems that Hear The Boat Sing's Tim Koch was right on the money when he titled his Henley preview, "Huskies v. Bulldogs."

Thanks to Rick for sending along the video! And we're looking forward to a great day of racing tomorrow on the Thames!


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