Video Of The Week: 'The Video With No Name' from Princeton Rowing

The Princeton Tigers recently released the above video, which, while nameless, needs very little in the way of introduction. Suffice it to say that it is a great, inside and in-depth look at an outstanding program, and frankly an awesome training camp video from the Tigers' trip to Tampa (including the much-anticipated mustache competition, with characteristically disturbing results). "There are reminders all around of the standard that has been set through the years—a legacy of hard work, integrity, and success. It's inspiring. When you walk into the building, you immediately know that you are in a place where it is time to go to work." Not only is this rowing film a great recruiting tool, it's a fascinating look at the history of one of the most storied programs in U.S. intercollegiate rowing, and includes footage dating back to the 1920s (some of which is rather hilariously mixed with, shall we say, more contemporary music). It's also a celebration of Lori Dauphiny's tremendous career at Princeton, now in it's 24th year.

Another interesting note from the video: "One big reason for our tradition of success is that there is one boathouse. Four teams sharing a common space, a dock, a lake. Four teams sharing a common experience, and a common goal."

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[Update 9 March, 2013: As you can see, the Tigers have now seen fit to give the video a name: "NYC Rowing Dinner Video: A Tradition of Success"]

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