Video: Australian Men's Quad, Lightweight Men's Four Pre-Olympic Piece

In keeping with our Aussie theme this week, the above is a newly published video of a piece between the Australian men's quad and men's lightweight four (both of them 2011 world champions) filmed at Lake Varese in Italy prior to the 2012 Olympic Games. There's nothing fancy about this one—no music, no nifty camera work. This one is about excellent rowing and sculling, plain and simple. Athletes and coaches alike can benefit from watching these crews duke it out, from the uniformity of movement, to the blade work, to the posture & acceleration—this is elite-level stuff (and just the thing to get us in the mood for the first World Rowing Cup of the season). At Eton Dorney, the quad above took bronze, while the lightweights finished a very close fourth.

You can learn more Australian M4x bow seat Chris Morgan in his recent FISA interview (part of their Down Under series), and check out the crews that will be competing at the Sydney World Rowing Cup in FISA's official press release in anticipation of the event.

While the 'Road to Rio' may be long (and, evidently, paved with dead fish—no, really, about 80 tons' worth), every session, every race, and every stroke, counts. We can't wait to start the journey!


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