Videos: A Different Shade of Light Blue—The 2013 Dublin Boat Races All UCD

As if you weren't already foaming at the mouth with anticipation for the 2013 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race this weekend, we've got two videos from the other side of the Irish sea to further whet your appetite. The Dublin Boat Races are Ireland's take on the Oxbridge event, matching University College Dublin against arch rival Trinity College on the Liffey. The 2013 event saw the favorites from UCD make good on their potential, winning both the varsity men's event (the Gannon Cup), and the varsity women's race (the Corcoran Cup), defending their 2012 titles in both cases.

Not only do the crews deserve kudos for two hard fought match races, but the filmmaker, Markus Schröder, has earned himself some recognition as well—clearly, you risked life and limb to shoot these videos, and for that, Markus, we salute you! It might not be the cinematographic equivalent of Steven Spielberg, but it gives a fantastic sense for being there along the crowded banks, following the race as it makes its way through the heart of Dublin. (We can't be 100% sure, but given that Markus has already posted these, thankfully he seems to have gotten it done without injury.)

You can learn more about the history of the Gannon Cup and the Dublin Boat Races here. And, while you're at it, cast a vote in our Boat Race poll (above right)—who's your pick to win this weekend?


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