Video of the Week: Thames RC Wins 2012 Women's Head of the River - The Coxswain's Perspective

This week's video comes to us from London, and gives the viewer the coxswain's perspective of just what it took to win the Women's Head of the River Race this year. There is much to be gained from this video in terms of both managing the crew as well as the crew's position on the river, as Thames started 12th, forcing coxswain Hannah Burke to weave her way down the course while striving to give her boat every advantage. The conditions were very challenging coming through Hammersmith and approaching Harrods, as is evident from the video–the crew does well to maintain speed and and stay aggressive, chasing down several more boats before crossing the finish line in front of Putney Bridge.

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Coming this week: Part 1 of our two-part interview with U.S. Olympian and Williams College women's rowing head coach, Kate Maloney.


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