Head of the River This Weekend: A Trip Down the Course with UTRC

The 2012 Head of the River Race is scheduled for this Saturday, 17 March, at 11am. The above video (shot during the 2011 HoRR) is a great example of how to manage the race from start to finish, put together by this Upper Thames RC crew (which started 179th, and finished in 35th overall). The video shows the race in its entirety, and, because of the multiple angles and GPS information, as well as the statistics included (based on the iPhone SpeedCoach app from Nielsen-Kellerman), it provides the viewer with a complete experience of the event–something that might prove a useful in preparation for the weekend.

Thanks to Tom for sending us the video!

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Coming up tomorrow: Part 1 of our two-part interview with U.S. Olympian and Williams College women's rowing head coach, Kate Maloney.


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