From the Press Room at RR: Pocock Racing Shells Announces First Ever Coach-Con

Source: Press Release/Pocock Racing Shells
Educational Conference Aims to Equip Assistant Rowing Coaches with Skills Necessary to be a Head Coach

Everett, WA (March 2, 2012): June 26-27 2012 Pocock Racing Shells will be playing host to a select group of the top assistant collegiate rowing coaches in the US. The two-day long program will cover the topics necessary to be successful as a head rowing coach, but that aren’t readily available via the current education options.

“We talk to assistant coaches on a daily basis, and more times than not, they start coaching right after graduation and find it difficult to educate themselves on everything that their head coach expects them to know,” says Pocock Racing Shells’ John Tytus. “Without a doubt, this sport gets better with better educated coaches. George Pocock believed that, and was always willing to help out any coach - be it at the shop, on the dock, or in the launch. It’s a core value that we still prioritize 100 years later.”

Unlike traditional lecture-style conventions, Coach-con will foster a casual environment where coaches can feel comfortable asking questions and voicing their opinions. As a defining and driving force behind a century-long evolution of rowing shells, Pocock Racing Shells offers a unique perspective to the education typically presented at coaching conventions. Seminar topics include:

· Extensive racing shell rigging: hands-on, basic and corrective
· Physics of rowing: video analysis and discussion
· Rowing shell repair: identifying and tackling shell damage
· NCAA Recruiting: the Must-Know list of recruiting guidelines (led by CRCA President Bill Zack)
· Trailer 101: loading, driving, and maintaining for safety
· Boat construction: materials and methods

Coach-Con is sponsored and hosted by Pocock Racing Shells, and is open to any men’s or women’s assistant collegiate rowing coach. Attendance will be extremely limited and based on an application submitted by the assistant coach, as well as their head coach’s recommendation. Applications are due May 1, 2012, and invitees will be notified by May 15. The only cost to attendees is travel to and from Seattle. For more information and to apply or nominate, visit

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