Video of the Week: Inside Dartmouth's Lightweight Eight at Sprints

This week's video comes to us from EARC Sprints, and features an inside look at the Dartmouth lightweight eight, which took the silver behind then-undefeated Harvard in Worcester. The video includes a recording of the Big Green coxswain as he guides the crew all the way down the course, as well as some 'epic' music. Dartmouth head coach Dan Roock is now getting ready to host a USRowing sanctioned development camp for the senior lightweight eight, beginning July 6 at 2pm at the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing boathouse. The selected crew will compete at the 2011 US Senior Trials for a chance to race at the 2011 World Championships in Bled, Slovenia. For a full press release from Rowing News, click here.

Happy Independence Day from everyone at RowingRelated!

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Coming up tomorrow: Henley Royal Regatta Recap and Review – time to take another look at our picks and see how our own 2011 HRR went!


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