Four Men in a Boat: LRC Oarsmen Sculling for a Great Cause on the Thames

(Photo courtesy of
Inside of a week, four rowers from London Rowing Club in Putney (southwest London) have put together not only a great adventure, but a great way to support a cause as they make their way down the Thames. As has been outlined on Göran R. Buckhorn's blog, 'Hear the Boat Sing,' echoing the official 'Four Men in a Boat' website (which is quite slick), the rowers (Stephen Feeney, Iain Weir, James Clarke, and Mark Bavington) have set off on a journey from Lechlade-on-Thames in Gloucestershire (just west of Oxford) to Putney in order to raise awareness for the Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis. Stephen Feeney and James Clarke have both represented GB internationally, with Clarke having won medals at the World Championships as both a lightweight (gold in the LM4- in 2007) and a heavyweight (silver in the M8+ in 2010), in addition to competing with Team GB in Beijing. Iain Weir is a freelance photographer with a great deal of experience in the sport, having won Henley Royal Regatta in 2006 in the Thames Challenge Cup. Iain's has recently been working with the GB squad, and can be found online at

Find 'Four Men in a Boat' on Facebook, and catch up with Iain on Twitter: @shutteritch.

Looking forward to following along as this motley crew makes it way back to home waters in London!


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