VOTWs: Inside Princeton Training Session - Tigers Rage on Carnegie

This week's double-feature comes to us from Lake Carnegie, and gives us an inside look at a Princeton training session on the water. Here we have two all-out pieces, with what appears to be eight boats taking part, for 500m (above) and 1250m (below), as Princeton prepares for Eastern Sprints, coming up this weekend. Again, it's rare that you get an inside look at an elite collegiate practice, and we appreciate all that Princeton has done this year to help promote the sport via video coverage of racing and training.

Also coming this week on RR -

Weekend review, with great match-ups at ECACs, Huskies dominating Windermere Cup, John Parker out as the chief coach in Oklahoma City (Volpenhein named interim coach), and our previews for Aberdeen Dad Vails, Pac-10s, and Sprints. It's going to be a busy week - time for some Championship racing!

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