Evening Edition VOTW: EARC Sprints Heavyweight Varsity Eight Grand Final

Just uploaded today, this week's VOTW comes to us from Worcester, and features all the heavy hitters in the varsity eight from the East. Again, the Tigers have provided excellent video coverage, as they did live via their website over the weekend. The video is shot from the launch, and follows the crews all the way down the course, with Harvard in the near lane, Princeton to their left, and Wisconsin in lane 3. Great racing across the board, and, as we predicted last week, Princeton managed to pip Wisco at the line for the silver medal, as Wisco likely trained through this regatta with their eyes on the IRA, now just over two weeks away. Brown also had a great race, crossing the line just over a second behind Wisconsin. Syracuse and BU were just slightly off the pace, finishing roughly 7 and 8 seconds behind Harvard, respectively. With such strong crews from Harvard, Princeton, Wisconsin, Cal, Washington, and Brown, this year's IRA regatta will be well worth watching. Picks and predictions upcoming as the regatta date approaches.

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Thanks again to Princeton for providing such great coverage of the regatta!

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