VOTW: Husky Men Race 2011 Windermere Cup Final

This week's video comes to us from Seattle, and features the Washington varsity eight taking on Stanford and CUBC at the 2011 Windermere Cup on the Montlake Cut. The video contains clips from the officials' launch, and allows the viewer to hear the coxswains' calls, as well as to get a sense for how it feels as you race down the UW home course. This year's Huskies squad is very deep, even by their own standards (we're talking about a program that nearly swept IRAs in 2009), and will be extra hungry this June as Cal pulled off an incredible upset in the varsity eight last season. The Bears can't be counted out, however, as they closed the gap in the varsity right from the Cal v. Washington dual to the Pac-10 Championships. Also, Harvard has been extremely strong in the East, dominating the Eastern Sprints. The IRA final will be one to watch – now just two weeks away!

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