Video of the Week: CUBC and OUBC Winter Training

This video marks the first reader-submitted RR Video of the Week, and is another fantastic, insider look at the training and preparation that goes on during the build up to the Boat Race (now just six weeks away). Here, we get a look at the Winter Training and overseas camps for both squads (Cambridge in Spain, and Oxford in Southwest France). Xchanging has done very well with this series -- production values are great, as is the level of content. In addition to a number of high-quality shots of rowing, there are interviews with both chief coaches, as well as athletes of both squads, including American Derek Rasmussen (formerly of the University of Wisconsin, and a member of the US U23 VIII that won gold in 2008, along with RR interviewee Silas Stafford).

Thanks very much to Mark for submitting the video! If you'd like to submit a video for the site, send us an email at

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