Video of the Week: Drew Ginn -- Back on the Water

Drew Ginn, whose last major feat on the water was winning gold in Beijing, has spent a great deal of time away from the sport over the past two years, focusing on cycling, and having a great deal of success (as I've discussed). Lately, however, it seems that Ginn is deciding that his rowing career may not, in fact, be over. This week's video comes from Ginn's blog (, and features the multiple-time Olympic champion rowing in a 4-, with the usual style and grace. The technique here is very much worth watching -- the upper-bodies are wonderfully quiet as the legs pick up the catch (this is due to the quick, but very relaxed extension of the arms from the release, ensuring that the motion at the front end will be an uncomplicated one).

Ginn raced on Saturday, and has updated his blog regarding the result. He's also posted a picture of his hand (ouch) -- all part of the reintroduction to rowing, even if you've won the Olympics.

Thanks to Nick Trojann for the heads up on this video.

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