Video of the Week: Trial VIIIs

This week's video details the Trial VIIIs racing that took place last Fall between members of the CUBC and OUBC squads -- a race that helps to determine which athletes will be in the mix for the Boat Race this Spring. The Trial VIIIs race on the same course as the Boat Race (the Tideway from Putney to Mortlake), and the event serves as one of the only true experiences of the course that both squads are allowed as they train for their time-honored battle (this year will mark the 157th running of the event). The Trial VIIIs race is an intra-squad event (i.e. CUBC 1 races CUBC 2), which is effectively one massive seat race, with two lineups from each University vying for dominance and a clear shot at the real thing. This year's test between the two arch rivals will take place on March 26th. Cambridge currently leads the series over Oxford, 80-75.

Thanks to Chiara Ferrara of The Rowing Daily for spreading the word about this video, which was released last week and which boasts great visual appeal -- nice shots of the rowing as well as of the course.

For the official website of the Boat Race, click here.

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