Article from the RowingRelated Editorial Staff Gaining Worldwide Recognition

The recent article from the RowingRelated Ed. Staff entitled, 'Winter Workouts: Why do Rowers Fear the Erg?' is garnering attention from the worldwide rowing community, and now, several Olympians have weighed in on the subject. The article, posted as a 'Guest Blog' to the Rowperfect UK site (thanks to Rebecca Caroe and Mohit Gianchandani), now has comments from British Olympian Pauline Bird, multiple-time World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist single sculler Mahe Drysdale of New Zealand, and former lightweight World Champion Frans Göbel of The Netherlands. All of this points to the fact that it is indeed a divisive issue among rowers, though the consensus seems to be that thoughtful use of the ergometer is a necessary aspect of training.

Thanks very much to Rebecca and Mohit for spreading the word about this article, and we look forward to seeing how the debate develops!

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