Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos from WIRAs, 2011: Frosh and Varsity 8s - Grand Finals, Thanks to Nick D'Antoni

Frosh 8 Grand Final in the last 250 (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

Frosh 8 Grand Final last 100m (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

Coast Frosh lead Gonzaga and UCSD (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

Coast margin in Frosh 8 GF (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

Varsity 8 GF - UCSD and Gonzaga (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

UCSD maintains lead over Gonzaga (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

UCSD and Gonzaga approach the finish (Photo: N. D'Antoni)

Big thanks to Nick for the photos!

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