Video Of The Week: The Power of Resilience

From "Ever to Excel: The Power of Resilience" (Screen capture)

This week's featured video comes to us from Boston College, and offers a reflection on the power and importance of resilience, in every aspect of our lives.

The video, shot by Sean Casey (you can follow him on Instagram here), includes a series of beautiful shots of the Charles River and of Boston College Men's Crew, a squad that has moved up the ACRA field in recent years, entering 2015 spring racing season at no. 5, according to our power rankings.

Sports, academics, art—all offer the opportunity to challenge, express, and improve ourselves. These challenges that we take up in pursuit of excellence serve as metaphors for other aspects of life, and, as a particular coach in the Pacific Northwest is fond of saying, excellence is fluid—it can flow into everything that you do.

Those hours spent on the water, in the classroom, in the studio—they translate.

Re-sil-ience, n. /rəˈzilyəns/
The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


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