Washington Husky Crew Throwback Row in Seattle

Huskies on the dock, Conibear Shellhouse 

While the Intarwebs might be blowing up today with Back To The Future references (after all, it's 10/21/2015), yesterday was all about a blast from the past in Seattle, where the Washington Huskies donned vintage kit and rowed with wooden oars in wooden boats for 'an upcoming documentary.'

Rowing pundits were left to speculate, as it's currently a project shrouded in mystery, but in any case, there's no denying that the visuals from yesterday morning on Lake Washington are damn cool. Would that every crew could get to row with 1930s equipment at least once, to gain a better understanding of the history of our sport, as well as an appreciation for the age when rowers were of iron and boats were of wood. (Short shorts: Optional.)

A video posted by Washington Husky Crew (@uwhuskycrew) on

The Huskies rowed three wooden eights for the morning session, which they borrowed from nearby Everett Rowing Association and Rat Island Rowing and Sailing Club. The names of the boats (listed in the Instagram caption above) were Husky Challenger, Totem, and D "Two." You can see a full photo gallery via the Washington Husky Crew Facebook page here.

Photo courtesy of Washington Husky Crew.


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