Double-Feature Video Of The Week: Oxford Brookes, Leander Ready for Henley

This week's double-feature comes to us from England, where Oxford Brookes is looking to put the finishing touches on a stellar season, while Leander is aiming to defend home water at Henley Royal Regatta.

Brookes had an outstanding Head of the River in 2015, placing two eights in the top four this year (you can experience the race from inside the boat thanks to Brookes' coxswain Harry Brightmore here). The above video lays the stats out, and they're impressive—dare we say that OBUBC is fast becoming the UW of the United Kingdom? They'll enter the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley as the defending champions.

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Meanwhile, Leander Club will be taking on a very tough field, including the aforementioned Washington Huskies and Ivy League champion Yale in the Ladies' Challenge Plate this year. In addition to their Ladies Plate entry, Leander will be represented in the Thames Challenge Cup, the Remenham Challenge Cup, the Stewards', the Queen Mother, the Princess Grace, and the Prince of Wales, among others—for a full list of entries for Henley 2015, please follow the link to the official website of Henley Royal Regatta.

And, speaking of Henley, stay tuned for the second installment from Virginia Cavalier oarsman Forrest Brown, this one detailing the Hoos' trip to Switzerland, coming up shortly here on RR. (Read Part One from Forrest here, and keep tabs on #HoosGoingToHenley by following the hashtag.)

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