Video(s) Of The Week: Texas Takes on San Diego, Cornell Lightweights Dominate Dartmouth

Texas Rowing's Dave O'Neill on the cover of a recent issue of ROWING Magazine
This week's double feature combines two separate dual meets. The first took place in Austin, Texas, where the Longhorns took on the University of San Diego, and the results were another feather in Dave O'Neill's already well-feathered cap (maybe cowboy hat now? Do you put feathers in those? He'll figure it out), as Texas swept the Toreros across the three NCAA events.

The below video gives a little background on O'Neill's first year with the Longhorns, as well as some classic Dave O expressions, including "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing," and "the best way to get noticed is to do something noticeable." (O'Neill was recently featured in ROWING Magazine in a well-written piece by Jen Whiting—well worth a read!)

Texas has consistently moved up the ranks in the CRCA polls over the course of the season, and has been sitting comfortably at no. 8 overall in the RowingRelated NCAA Rankings for the last three weeks.

Meanwhile, in Ithaca, the Cornell lightweight men were busy capping off another undefeated regular season with a walkaway victory over Dartmouth in the varsity eight (Big Red finished in 5:56.8 to Big Green's 6:11.8), which put the finishing touches on a sweep of their own. The defending Sprints and IRA Champions, coached by 2014 IRA Coach of the Year Chris Kerber, have been a strong no. 1 in the coaches' polls and the RowingRelated Rankings from the start of the spring, and will go into Eastern Sprints as the team to beat once again this year.

And, speaking of ROWING Magazine, RR editor Bryan Kitch was in Seattle for the 2015 Windermere Cup—check out the ROWING Magazine Facebook page for photo galleries from the event.

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