Video: An Inside Look at a Historic Year for Rowing New Zealand

The Kiwi men's eight training on the Montlake Cut (Photo by B. Kitch for ROWING Magazine)

This year, Rowing New Zealand will be looking to qualify no less than 48 athletes—the maximum number allowed for any single rowing federation—for the Olympics in Rio.

It's an aggressive move from one of the world's top programs, and a big ask, but the Kiwis may just have the talent to do it. And, it could mean that we see the Olympic podium fade to Black—the Kiwis took home five medals, three of them gold, in 2012.

The video includes interviews with defending Olympic champion single sculler Mahé Drysdale, and 2014 world champions Julia Edward and Sophie MacKenzie (who set a new world best time in the LW2x last year in Amsterdam).

For more on the New Zealand national rowing team, check out our interview with 2008 Olympic bronze medalist George Bridgewater, who's in the midst of a comeback to the elite level. Also, keep and eye out for a feature on the Kiwi Pair—from their earliest beginnings together, to the Olympic final in London, to Rio on the horizon—in the upcoming issue of ROWING Magazine.

You can view a full gallery featuring the Kiwi men's eight from the Windermere Cup on the ROWING Magazine Facebook page.


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