Rowing, Instantly Grammed

There's no denying it. Rowing is a sport that is as visually beautiful as it can be physically brutal. The early mornings and late evenings set a dramatic stage, and every now and then you get something completely unexpected. Not long ago, we ran our first rowing-themed weekend hashtag project via the @rowingrelated Instagram handle. The theme? Winter training. While the number of submissions wasn't enormous, the quality was, quite simply, impressive—we tasked our followers with documenting some aspect of their training this season, using the hashtag #RRwintertraining, and, as promised picked a few of our favorites to share. And, the photo below is our overall winner—a fantastic shot of a foggy training session in Southern California thanks to Wisco alum and Long Beach Junior Crew coach Erich Hanxleden. You can follow Erich via his Instagram handle, @racedayeveryday.

Congrats again to Erich, and thanks to everyone who submitted images for the #RRwintertraining project! Stay tuned for more projects and contests via Instagram to come this season.


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