Olympic Champion Adam Kreek: "I Seek Failure"

Just last month, Canadian Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek gave a talk at TEDx in Victoria, with the surprising and effective title, "I Seek Failure." Kreek is an outstanding athlete with extraordinary experience in our sport, and what you'll discover in watching this talk, outside of Kreek's sense of humor and infectious positive energy, are some gems from his time while training with the Canadian national team. In particular, his relationship with Jake Wetzel is enlightening, as are Wetzel's comments—in fact, it's Wetzel that gave this talk its name.

Wetzel, a triple Olympian, famously battled Matthew Pinsent and the GB men's four all the way to the line in Athens, finishing just 0.08 seconds behind the British, and later won Olympic gold with the Canadian men's eight in Beijing. While Kreek's discussion comes from athletes training at the highest level, the lessons can be applied universally—proving once again that rowing, like Paris, is a moveable feast.


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