Video Of The Week: UCSB Gauchos Rowing Recruitment 2013

The Gauchos have stepped up their game. The 2013 spring season was one for the record books at UCSB, winning the Cal Cup at San Diego Crew Classic, as well as an ACRA victory in the men's lightweight varsity four, while the women's varsity eight took second behind Grand Valley State at ACRAs. The above video is their 2013-2014 recruiting video, and clearly they've gone the extra mile here, too—nicely edited to match the soundtrack, and a variety of camera angles on the water, land training, and a whole montage of coxswain tosses. Hey, it was that kind of season.

Last year, we ran our first-ever RRecruiting Video Contest, and we counted down our top five entries en route to crowning an overall winner. While most varsity programs have year-round recruiting programs and a host of resources dedicated to that purpose, the club system renews its search for the next Seth Weil, or Amy Fuller Kearney (herself a former UCSB rower), or Bryan Volpenhein. Have you been putting together a rowing recruiting video this season? Ship it our way and you might just see it featured right here on RR.

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