RR Interview: Seth Weil of the U.S. Men's Four

Seth Weil had a phenomenal year. Having begun his career as a club oarsman at the University of California, Davis, under head coach Sam Sweitzer, Weil began training in the single shortly after finishing his intercollegiate career, first at his old program, then at GMS, and finally under the tutelage of Carlos Dinares. Then, following roughly a year of training at Lake Samish, an opportunity to attend a training camp at Chula Vista with the U.S. national team arose. Weil immediately made an impression, despite not having rowed as a sweep oarsman in some time, and began to rise through the ranks. With pair partner Henrik Rummel, Weil won the NSR I, and from there earned a seat in what had been deemed the top priority crew for the U.S.: the men's four.

Lucerne was the site of the third World Rowing Cup this season, and Weil and the U.S. men's four immediately made an impression, winning the heat and setting themselves up as probable favorites to take gold in the final. And, when it came time for the final, they didn't disappoint. Despite it being Weil's first-ever international regatta, he and the crew of Rummel, Mike Gennaro, and Grant James led from wire to wire and took gold for the U.S. in the event the first time since 2004. Later, the crew once again found themselves on the podium, this time with a bronze medal at the 2013 World Rowing Championships in Chungju, South Korea.

Here, as promised, Weil—winner of the 2013 RoRy for Breakthrough Performance of the Year—speaks about his beginnings in the sport, his early progress and training in the single, and his fantastic summer.


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