Worlds Banter: "Bugging Out" in Chungju

While we're finalizing our world championship picks and predictions for this year's event in South Korea, we thought it only right to put together the best of the Twitter insect photos from frightened (okay, well, perhaps surprised is a better word) international athletes and coaches around the course. As you can see, there are some intimidating critters out there!

First, the moths—we're pretty sure this is some form of silk moth, possibly Antheraea jana. Needless to say, they're getting a great deal of attention:

Next up, the Praying Mantis:

Mix in some kind of horned beetle:

And finally, whatever this is:

All we can say is, it's probably not a bird, or a plane...

Unless, of course, it's these guys:

Okay, enough of the banter—it's time to get serious! Our picks and predictions are coming up this afternoon.


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