Incredible Numbers, List of Names on the Water in Boston in Honor of Harry Parker

Saturday morning marked the Harry Parker Memorial Row in Boston, with crews from the 1960s on through to the 2000s, and names like 1968 Olympian Charlie Hamlin, the 'Rude and Smooth' crews of the 1970s (for some footage of this group at Red Top in 1971, see this video), the legendary Tiff Wood, further Olympians Adam Holland, Chris Swan, and Peter Sharis (whose daughter, Elizabeth, has been making quite a name for herself in the junior rowing ranks over the last few years, including back-to-back silver medal finishes at youth nationals in the JW1x), double Olympian Pat Todd, 2005 world champion Michael Blomquist, double Olympic medalist Malcolm Howard, and many, many others worthy of mention.

Tremendous thanks are due to Christopher Boit, Harvard heavyweight coxswain class of '78, who organized the row, which brought together a tremendous number of alumni in honor of arguably the most influential coach in the history of U.S. rowing. Boit coxed his '76-'78 crew at the event, as the video above shows.
In all, upwards of 50 crews of various kinds, including singles, doubles, quads, and fours, made the ceremonial trip down the Charles River in honor of the legendary coach. Adorning Newell was a banner, "Thank You, Harry." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

For more on the row and on the service at Harvard Memorial Church, please visit the official website of the Harvard Crimson.


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