Video Of The Week: Learning with Legends

Every now and then, hours of scouring the interwebs for the finest rowing footage turn up a vintage gem, and this week's video is just that. This technique video focuses on small boats, both rowing and sculling, and is a 'sweeping' look at the pantheon of 20th century international rowing, with names like Pertti Karppinen, Peter-Michael Kolbe (watch these two battle it out in the M1x all the way to the line at the 1984 Olympics here), Vasily Yakusha, Thomas Lange, and Carmine and Giuseppe Abbagnale all in the mix in slow-motion race footage. The video quality suffers at times, having been transferred from VHS, but bear with it—it's well worth a prolonged look. Another interesting note to take away is the blend of carbon fiber and wooden oars at the international level—a period of intense transition for our sport and a time when the aforementioned giants were pushing themselves, and the sport itself, to new heights.

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