Video Of The Week: Husky Rowing Triathlon, 2012

Husky Rowing Triathlon 2012 from Washington Rowing on Vimeo.
Two words: Winter. Training. The Washington Huskies are "putting hay in the barn" in grand fashion this year, and this video (shot in December, 2012) is further evidence that they are loving every minute of it. Following the traditional erg-run-stadiums triathlon, the Huskies earn 'recovery' food that is likely not at the top of every nutritionist's list—though undoubtedly part of a balanced breakfast (rowers run on Dunkin'). Props to Rick Gherst and the UW coaching staff for putting together another great training video!

And, speaking of erging, the MidAtlantic Erg Sprints are in the books. There were some familiar faces doin' work in Alexandria, Virginia over the weekend. Former UVa standout, RR interviewee, and author of our first-ever 'On The Water' series Matt Miller had another solid performance at MidAtlantics, successfully defending the men's open title in 5:51.8 and punching his ticket for C.R.A.S.H.-B.s later this month. Also, as expected, the UVa men's squad showed that they'll once again be a force on the ACRA circuit, with 11 athletes under 6:30 (and five under 6:20). Well done to Yale Bulldog Tom Lynam for his victory in the men's collegiate event in a time of 6:08.3. On the women's side, Katherine Ashton of Navy (a CRCA second team All-American in 2012 as a sophomore) posted an impressive 6:53.4, also earning a trip to Boston.


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