Video Of The Week: Cambridge University Rowing

This week's video comes to us from the University of Cambridge, and showcases the men's and women's rowing programs, with a number of cameos from some very high profile alumni & current students. Among those making an appearance in the film are GB 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Tom James, two-time Olympian Annie Vernon (silver in Beijing), 2012 bronze medalist George Nash (CUBC president this year), former UW Husky and 2011 U23 world champion Ty Otto (rocking a serious fu manchu), and triple Olympian Sarah Winckless (bronze in 2004). Also included in the footage are well-known rowing blogger Anna Railton from the victorious CUWBC crew in 2012 (at 2:09, second from the back—if you've never enjoyed a Railton rant on rowing, be sure to follow this link), and former Wisco Badger Steve Dudek, who rowed on the winning Cambridge Blue Boat last year and looks to be in the top crew once again this season.

While the fixture on Saturday proved a very stern test for the CUBC squad, it's experience they'll no doubt put to great use over the next six weeks in preparation for the main event.

In other weekend news, the 2013 Crash-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships took place on Sunday, with a number of impressive results setting the tone for the season and for the new quadrennium. More on that tomorrow, with our picks and predictions for the 2013 IRA and ACRA programs coming up on Wednesday.


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