Aussie Boat Race 2012: Pragnell's Outstanding Challenge

The above video comes to us from Down Under, and is easily among the top contenders for best boat race challenge ever issued. Aussie national teamer Fergus Pragnell lays down the gauntlet in style, and even draws some laughs from the MUBC crews along the way.

This year's Aussie Boat Race continued the trends on both the men's and women's sides, with the men from Sydney winning their third straight title and the women from Melbourne doing the same. More news and info is available on the official website of the Australian Boat Race.

Also, as I'm sure you all know, there was some big news for those of us stateside on Tuesday evening. That's right, USRowing announced that it would be hiring none other than Washington frosh coach Luke McGee to take over the responsibilities of coaching the U.S. men's eight and U23 men's eight, while current lightweight coach Bryan Volpenhein will take on the additional duty of coaching the men's heavyweight four. We've got some opinions on this (as you might have guessed), so watch this space next week for more.


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