Contest–Rowing Recruiting Videos: A Great Example from the University of London Boat Club

The above video, produced by UCL following the Head of the River Race earlier this year, is a fine example of a recruiting video (whether or not it was intended as such), as it gives the viewer a window into the sport, visually as well as from the athletes' perspective. And, it accomplishes all this making use of very little footage, concise interviews, and a classical soundtrack–quite different from the norm. Much like the series of videos that Oxford produced last year during the lead-up to the 2012 Boat Race (you can view the whole series of seven videos here), this short film gets at just what rowing is all about–it is, well, beautiful.

RR readers: Have a recruiting video you want us to see? Ship it our way! Don't have one? Create one! Let us know in the comments on this post, via email at rowingrelated [at] gmail [dot] com, via Twitter (, or get in touch via our Facebook or Google+ pages. Should we gather enough responses, we will pick our favorite and feature it as a Video Of The Week, and JLRacing will throw some swag into the mix as well*!

*[You must have created the video to win swag]

Deadline: 31 December, 2012. Thanks in advance to all those who choose to participate, and Happy Thanksgiving! More on the University of London Boat Club via the official ULBC website.


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