Video Of The Week: The Olympic Gold Medal Winning South African Lightweight Men's Four

This week's video comes to us from the South African Olympic squad's Matthew Brittain, and follows the RSA LM4- during training prior to their gold medal performance at Eton Dorney. The video includes work at steady state as well as race pace footage, where it's easy to see why this was a crew to be reckoned with in London. Given their outstanding result on Dorney Lake, we gave them our coveted RoRy for Breakthrough Performance of the Year at the Elite Level, and look forward to seeing South African rowing continue to rise to new heights in the wake of this inspirational achievement.

You can watch the final of the lightweight men's four on the official YouTube Channel of the Olympics:

(Skip to 9:00 for the beginning of the LM4- race, following the finals of the men's double.)

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