Technical Rowing: Australian Women's Eight on Lake Varese

The above video, posted to Nick Garratt's YouTube Channel, is a fine example of precision and patience on the recovery, and a solid role model for fall training. It's that time of year again, when we lay the foundations both technically and physiologically for the new season, and while the bladework may not be 100% perfect, the bodies are moving very well together and the run is not diminished by the slide. Also, the drill–a double pause–is being performed without the coxswain making any calls, forcing the rowers to be fully switched-on and focused on the movements of their teammates. "Hearing the boat sing," as Göran Buckhorn might say.

While this video was shot prior to the 2012 Olympics, it's also a glimpse of Varese, Italy, where the European Rowing Championships are currently in full swing. For more on the Euro Champs, check out the newly added News column on the right side of the page, which features our top picks for current articles and results. It's all part of our continuing efforts to streamline our site and make RR a better and more useful resource for you, the rower/reader.


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