VOTW: The Olympic Life, with Natalie Dell

Our Video Of The Week this week is Natalie Dell's fantastic, behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to be an athlete at the 2012 Olympic Games, following her bronze medal performance in the U.S. women's quad (along with Megan Kalmoe, Adrienne Martelli, and Kara Kohler). Not only does the above video give the outside world a peek at what some might call the 'glamorous side' of an Olympic athlete's experience, it also shows Dell's understanding of and appreciation for the opportunities before her. Dell began rowing as a club athlete at Penn State, before earning her stripes in sculling and breaking into the senior national team in 2010, when she took fifth in the quad in Karapiro. Since then, Dell has been on the podium at both the 2011 world championships in Bled (silver) and in Eton Dorney. You can learn more about Natalie on the Facebook fan page dedicated to her.

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