RR Olympics Blog: Reflecting on London

While the Games are ongoing, the rowing came to a close last Saturday, and I've since returned from London following a day or two about town. The experience was both exhausting and extremely gratifying–putting together online coverage and the feature for the Rowing News Olympic edition was a daunting task, but one from which I learned a tremendous amount, and I'm proud of the magazine piece that was the result of eight days at the racecourse in Eton.

It was a tremendously successful Olympic Rowing Regatta, featuring one of the deepest fields ever (and very close racing as a result), some fantastic storylines, and a great number of the biggest names in our sport–Ebbesen, Ginn, Karsten, Searle, to name a few–in what may well have been their final Olympic Games. A huge thank you goes to FISA, the organizers, and the volunteers who helped to make it such a spectacle; from the standpoint of both a rowing journo and a fan, it was both impressive and enjoyable. Also, the weather (mostly) cooperated, which never hurts!

I've included one more Olympic photo gallery, with more images from London, including a few from a walking tour of the city center with Iain Weir and Steve Kasprzyk (the latter easily identifiable given that he's 6'7")*. At work on a short film from clips taken around town, which I'll post tomorrow (Friday).

Thanks to all the RR readers out there for following the journey to London 2012!


*More photos to be added to this set over the next 24 hours

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