Winter Training: Frandsen and Crosby on Cycling as Cross-Training

As we've discussed here on RR before, the best form of 'cross-training' for rowing is rowing on the ergometer. However, there are other activities that can be beneficial when used the right way, and to the right extent–cycling prime among them. Now is the time when most North American and European rowers are in the depths of winter training, with spring racing season seemingly distant on the horizon, and the hum of the ergs in the boat bay serving as a substitute for the sound of 'water boiling aft.'

Beijing silver medalist of Rowing Canada Aviron, Scott Frandsen, knows very well the demands that rowing places on athletes at the elite level. In a recent blog post, Frandsen discusses the benefits of breaking free for a while, while continuing to develop the aerobic base by means of the bicycle (video of the incredible landscape included below).

Frandsen also touches upon the need for rowers to structure their training plans according to the goals of the overall cycle. As Frandsen states, "There are only so many times through the year that you can do this and truly get the best out of yourself–beyond that, you become a bit stale."

In keeping with the cycling theme, long-time friend of Rowing News and RowingRelated, Josh Crosby (a former world champion rower himself), has recently released the second in a series of cross-training videos, entitled, 'Crossing the Line.' The video (embedded below), includes some tips for cyclists and rowers alike, citing the benefits of cycling as a crossover sport for rowers in need of some time outdoors–an idea that should not be altogether ignored, as ours too is an outdoor sport, and some time spent out in the elements can refresh both mind and body.

Coming this week to RR:
Updates from across the pond, as the first of the Trial Eights for the Henley Boat Races took place last week on the Henley Reach.


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