Movember Updates: British and Canadians Going Stache for Stache

Megan Kalmoe's rating system is back in action, with the top 'tash talent' from the GB squad under scrutiny on her blog as the final days of Movember approach (see here for Kalmoe's latest post)–see the 'Rowing Chat' Twitter widget on the right side of the page for more updates. Not to be outdone, the Canadian men's team is also testing the limits of social awareness with some outstanding mustaches of its own, as evidenced by Kevin Light's classic photo of Rob Gibson and Will Crothers. While it's all in good fun, there is still time to support the cause that has given rise to the competition, and there are a number of athletes with fundraising pages in the fight against cancer–for a list of those mustachioed GB rowers seeking donations for cancer research, please see the official website of British Rowing.

So far, we're giving the edge on 'Movember Photo of the Year' to Crothers and Gibson–if you think you've got what it takes, then ship it on over, but the above is going to be a tough one to top this year!

Speaking of Kevin Light, he has just released his full-length DVD, 'The Spracklen Philosophy.' We've seen it, and it's good. Look for an interview with Kevin coming this Friday to, about what inspired the film, how it was put together, and what it means in terms of Spracklen's legacy.


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